HIDDEN IRELAND: #1 on Amazon’s Prime Video and Apple TV+ - Kireina.ORG

HIDDEN IRELAND: #1 on Amazon’s Prime Video - Kireina.ORG

It's a land created on the wild frontier in between the old and new globe, built after a fate of flexibility and self-reliance. Resting on one of the most western sides of Europe, its wonder green valleys are bordered by skyrocketing seaside high cliff sides. It is a small island but with a large influence, many thanks to countless immigrants that brought their customs with them around the world. And while the society might feel acquainted, if you dig previous the surface, there is a take on new and vintage, an emerald island to scholars, saints, poets, and political leaders — tales and those that sing them, 2 nations on one island intertwined in background, mythology and hope. This is what I came for, an abundant land where every step reveals a brand-new surprise — often concealing in ordinary view. This is Hidden Ireland.

Hidden Ireland is now available on Amazon and Apple TV+! Click the below links.