If we are human beings who are religious, then we will believe and believe that the entire universe, planets, stars and everything in it is God's creation. Then living beings like us, namely humans, are God's creations who have the awareness that they were created to live and behave according to God's commands.

Man, and His Consciousness

We are aware that we live on a planet that we name Earth, we are aware that we can live because there is an atmosphere on Earth, we are aware that the position of the Earth is in the solar system which surrounds the sun with other planets. And we must be aware that we have consciousness.

Humans who are created with this feature of consciousness are special living beings where he knows where he is, he knows what condition he is in, he knows how to put things in their place. Unlike other animals or reptiles as far as we know, they are created only to have the instinct to live, seek food or reproduce. This is something special and unique.

Even though humans have awareness of their lives, not everything that is in front of them can be understood and studied in detail. Take for example, we see animals and plants that live around us every day, even though we know they live based on the ecosystem around them, sometimes we don't know what their (real) life means.

And sometimes if a conscious human being can interpret the meaning of his life and the life around him, then he is a truly lucky human being because he can know what he means for this life.

Man, and the Machine he created!

Along with the awareness, knowledge and persistence of learning a living human being, he will always try to create the best life for their survival. Progress after progress he got while he was still learning. Until he can create something useful, both for himself and all living things around him.

For example, machines and computers are forms of the creativity of the modern human brain, with which humans can live more effectively in accordance with the times. While the beginning of humans creating things (machines or computers) was indeed to get something that could be used for a certain purpose even if it was a good goal or vice versa.

Until in the end, humans can create machines and programs that have never been achieved by humans before. Machines that are more sophisticated, effective and efficient for all the goals you want to achieve. Every second, every year humans will continue to develop it until it reaches the 'perfection' stage. Although we know, nothing is perfect behind all human creations.

Machine learning

From here we must be aware, machines and computers are the work of the human brain. Meanwhile, humans will not be satisfied to continue to pursue perfection with what they have created. Until finally, humans can find machines that can learn on their own.

Machines that have intelligence like the human brain (but not all of them), machines that can learn from all the data provided beforehand in an instant, far faster than the ability of the human brain that created it itself. Today we call this machine Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Currently is an era where AI is quite resonant around. Many general and professional audiences use it for specific needs and purposes. Much more effective, fast and precise than before AI was created. AI is more effective because it can learn based on millions or billions of data. AI can filter and sort out what is needed and what is not. The AI ​​algorithm is faster and has almost similar accuracy to real human answers and search engine search results.

Will there be anything more special and phenomenal after Artificial Intelligence? Possible.

A conscious machine

There is a saying, " Smart is not necessarily aware, but conscious is definitely smart ". This proverb describes how humans have been creating machines until they develop into AI. All machines or AI created by humans, for us are actually intelligence. The machine may be able to do something intelligent, but we also believe that the machine will not "realize" that it has been created.

Machines do not have consciousness as humans are created by God with the awareness that he (read: humans) has been created.

Artificial Consciousness is a field within the science of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous robotics that studies the possibility of a machine having awareness, at least like an animal that is aware that it is alive and has the instinct to survive.

This field is not something that can be taken lightly and is easy to apply and create. Because it means that if humans succeed in this field, then they can create something that is alive and aware that they were created. This is almost impossible when you think about it. But all AI enthusiasts are continuing to work in this field, to make this pursuit a reality.

Is it possible for Artificial Consciousness to become a reality someday? We don't know.

What happens if Artificial Consciousness exists? We don't know.

Will Artificial Consciousness rule this world? We will never know, if we have not succeeded in creating it.

That is all and thank you.